Jason Roberts is recognised as a leading safety expert in the region with over twenty two years of forefront experience in a wide range of industries that include oil and gas, mining, construction, and chemical processing plants, and with fifteen years working specifically on safety in major companies. His primary focus is to assist companies to make significant increases in productivity and efficiency whilst reducing accidents and creating strong awareness of safety in the workplace. Jason’s specialties include project management, conducting safety audits, development and implementation of safety management systems, providing risk assessments, incident investigations and evaluations, as well as contractor/ sub-contractor management, process safety and human factors. He also provides technical writing of procedures, training tools and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and conducts Training Gap Analysis.

He has been in the forefront during construction, commissioning and start up of several major mineral processing and chemical plants. He has been highly successful and has demonstrated an attitude and skill in the workplace that have achieved excellent outcomes. Many references can be provided attesting to superior performance under difficult conditions at many work sites.

He has worked for many large international companies and has held positions in the areas of, Operations, Safety and Training. Through these roles he has made significant contributions in increasing productivity whilst reducing accidents and increasing awareness to safety in the workplace. Improvements were achieved by the better application of Safety and Training.

Jason is a qualified Safety Practitioner, a Certificate IV trainer and assessor and a licensed provider of the Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association (MARCSTA) General Induction course. He is also a member of the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals (Australia) Inc., and has conducted numerous training sessions on Occupational Health and Safety at tertiary institutions and a wide range of mining, construction and heavy industrial companies. Jason holds Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in safety, business, and a degree in safety management from Edith Cowan University. He is currently completing his Masters Degree in Occupational Safety and Health.


  • Master’s Degree in Occupational Safety & Health (completing)
  • Post Graduate Degree In Occupational Safety and Health
  • Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety
  • Diploma – Occupational Health, Safety and Training
  • Diploma – Business
  • Qualified as a Safety Practitioner
  • Certificate IV trainer and assessor
  • A licensed provider of the MARCSTA General Induction course
  • A member of the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals (Australia) Inc.
  • Conducted training on Occupational Health and Safety at TAFE colleges and a wide range of mining, construction and heavy industrial companies.
  • Experienced and qualified in many areas of auditing and accident / incident investigations.
  • Over many years he has demonstrated a keen interest in the development and implementation of cost effective safety systems and training for mining and heavy industry operations